Pollen Protection Tea Blend Poster


This is the first peice from an exciting collaborative project with the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and myself.


A3 poster featuring plants for a delicious tea blend that is a perfect ally during hay fever season. A postcard with information on the tea, recipe and instructions will be included. 


More on the project here:


This collaboration between the National Institute of Medical Herbalists and Devon artist Isla Middleton is about celebrating the different ways that plants can improve our lives.


The Institute is working with Isla to explore the ways that the healing properties and the beauty of plants come together. By combining Isla’s stunning visual depictions of herbs

with the expertise of our members there is another layer of usefulness to the art, and a different route to introducing people to the wonderful power of plants.


The recipe on the accompanying postcard was created by Abi Jackson MNIMH, founder of the wellness boutique The Sage Apothecary and a registered medical herbalist practising on the 

North Devon and Cornwall border.







Pollen Protection Tea Blend Poster