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TREE POSTER - Canopy Green

This large linocut poster has been printed on an old belt driven letterpress by Martin at Tilley Printing which has been going since 1875. The text has been printed from old letter blocks and the design directly from my lincout block which creates the beautiful embossed look on the paper.

The trees included on the poster are Hazel, Beech, Larch, Oak, Hawthorn, Willow, Horse Chestnut & Scots Pine. 


Poster size: 50 X 70 cm

Printed on lovely speckled 100% recycled paper.


PLEASE NOTE: Hanger not included. Due to these being hand printed you should expect variation in colour and pressure of print (see last image).

If you particularly would like a lighter or darker one just let me know in the message box when placing the order and i'll try my best to select it from what I have. 

Tree Poster - Letterpress Printed

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